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Asylum and Human Rights Protection

Asylum is given under the 1951 United Nations Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees. To be recognised as a refugee, you must have left your country and be unable to go back because you have a well-founded fear of persecution because of your:

- race;
- religion;
- nationality;
- political opinion; or
- membership of a particular social group

The UK adheres to the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR), which prevents the UK from sending anyone to a country where there is a real risk that they will be exposed to torture, or inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. If you do not qualify for recognition as a refugee but there are humanitarian reasons why you should stay in the UK, you may be given temporary permission to stay in the UK.

If you want to apply for asylum and you are already in the UK, you should book an appointment with the UKBA asylum screening unit in Croydon (south of London). If you want any of your dependants to be part of your application, they must attend with you.

Supporting documents

When you go to the asylum screening unit, you must bring with you:

- your passport, and the passport(s) of your spouse and any dependants in the UK;

- police registration certificates, if you or any members of your family have them;

- other identification documents which will help us to establish your identity and nationality - these may include identity cards, birth certificates, marriage certificates, school certificates and membership cards;

- any other documents that will support your application; and

- documentary evidence of your accommodation - this may include recent bank statements, a building society book, a Council Tax demand, a housing benefit book, a tenancy agreement, and/or a phone/electricity/gas bill showing your full name and address in the UK. If you are living in someone else's house, you must bring a letter (no more than 3 months old) from the householder permitting you to stay, plus documentary evidence (see above) showing the householder's full name and address.

The asylum screening unit operates an appointment system and will also accept applicants on a walk-in-service. If you choose to use the walk in service, you should be aware that depending on your personal circumstances, there will be no guarantee that you will be seen. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you book an appointment. We can assist you and arrange this for you.

Voluntary Assisted Return and Reintegration Programme

The Voluntary Assisted Return and Reintegration Programme (VARRP) is open to asylum applicants whose application has been refused or who have been given temporary permission to stay in the UK (known as 'limited leave to remain').

It is not open to:

- anyone who has been recognised as a refugee and given permission to stay in the UK; or

- people who are in the UK illegally and have not applied for asylum. Illegal migrants may be able to apply to the Assisted Voluntary Return of Irregular Migrants programme.

If you meet the requirements for the VARRP, you will be given help to return to your home country and establish a new life there. This will be a package tailored to your individual needs. It is also available to every member of your family who returns home with you.

If you want to discuss your case further, then please contact our asylum team on 0116 2664680.